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All the ways of reaching you are now under a simple name that's impossible to forget - Customers and friends can now contact you from any device connected to the internet.
What you can store
What You Can Store...
You can publish all your means of communication, including phone numbers, fax numbers, premium numbers, VoIP and IM handles, email addresses, links to your websites and Google Maps, keywords that describe your business, and private information only visible to VIP customers or friends and family. Learn More about Privacy.

...One Click Away
Your .tel is designed so that customers can connect with you in a single click. Simply select the phone number to dial it, or an email address to start typing. And many calling devices support dialling a .tel name.
No need to remember or store phone numbers - call!
Structured info

Effectively Direct Your Customers
If your list of contacts is getting too long, add navigation to your .tel by creating folders that group specific information, such as all specialities currently on offer or all your offices worldwide. Your customers or clients can then quickly find the correct phone number or email address. Learn More about Navigation.
Website integration
Integrate into Your Website
You can use as "Contact Us" page on your existing website so that your website is updated every time you change your .tel details. Simply integrate your .tel into your main site using our free .tel webmaster tool. Learn More or See an Example.
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